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Reminiscing on Movement Lifestyle | Vlog #7


A Space for Everyone

Last week, my close friend Shaun Evaristo announced that his studio, Movement Lifestyle, would be officially closing doors.

I’ll preface this by saying thank you to Shaun. I know you’ve heard this countless times from so many but you’ve given me and many others a chance to build a home in your studio and the global dance community. Your energy brought this studio to life and this studio provided others countless opportunities to tell their own stories.

The crew (Shaun and Kyle)

Fun fact, I moved to LA with Shaun about 13 years ago. I came from the Culture Shock division based in Oakland so I knew Shaun beforehand. He was the one that pushed me to challenge myself into a whole new career in Los Angeles. He taught me how to utilize strength from different muscle groups in dancing and use my personal experiences to uplift my creativity.

With Culture Shock, my movements focused heavily on strength and rawness; in contrast, Shaun expanded upon movement by combining contemporary with hip hop movements. It was also the small things that led me further into my career. I’m forever grateful.

I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished and how impactful this studio is and will forever be. Such a deep legacy.

Creating Community at Movement Lifestyle

It’s impossible to reflect on mL without remembering its past. This studio’s beginnings pulled every stereotype in the early 2010s: foggy mirrors, tight space, and a whole lot of spatial awareness. But it created so many memories for me - and was the quintessential starter to my career. I shot so many videos here - one of which helped me break into working with Pharrell and another that led me teaching the piece for dancers around the globe.

One of my favorite pieces I’ve choreographed was with Aye Hasegawa. The piece was so good that we had a chance to perform it at Body Rock 2012 and teach it. I remember how we taught it (full house!) and no one could see themselves because of how foggy the mirror got!

There was a workshop series that I taught with Sorah Yang for the mLatitude camp featuring dancer students under mL. It was a mentorship program under mL where we would train students, have one-one-ones, then create a dance concept collaboratively.

The students only had a few weeks to learn the piece but they worked so effortlessly learning everything from Sorah and I. It was so fun and I miss it - something I’d love to do again.

I recall so many instances where I felt home away from the Bay area - whether they be in-class or outside bojangling with others. But the nights that we played Call of Duty at the studio or just start busting out classes we’ve learned from everyone are just small moments that remind me of my beginnings in my career.


Movement Lifestyle studio closing feels like a bittersweet end. As I reflect on all the times I shared in this space, I’m also so proud of the work you’ve been able to do for everyone.

Thank you Shaun for providing me and many others a special opportunity to be in the mL studio. I’ve met some beautiful people - like Aye (who’s now your wife.)

This space has allowed me create new friendships and memories in LA. It feels like yesterday when I met Aye through dance and now you and her are married… seeing all my mL friends now become parents always reminds me of where I came from.

I’m very excited to see what the future holds for mL - and for dance. It’s time for the next chapter.

As Shaun said, end of a chapter, beginning a new one.


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