Meet Ellen

Creative Director, 

Choreographer,  and Movement Coach


Ellen Kim is a dynamic personality inside the world of music & entertainment. Her movement style is sought after by brands and artists looking to differentiate their product in a high fast pace popular market.

A San Francisco native influenced by world culture, Ellen moves fluidly within the spaces between K-Pop and American Hip-Hop. She has performed alongside Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Diplo. In addition, she has helped artists such as Tiffany Young and Vincent Fable amongst many others to develop their movement style. Over the years, Ellen has trained under YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment and performed on crews such as KM Elite, GRV, and Funkonometry. 


Ellen creates memorable moments that influence trends in dance, beauty, fashion, and healthy-living – particularly across new media platforms. Her social media presence is active and highly engaged, making her a ‘go-to’ content creator + brand ambassador for smart companies looking to reach her audience of authenticity-seeking millennials all over the world.

Though her credits for influential companies and people stack high, Ellen's most important job is as mom to her perfect 5-year old daughter. The two adventure through life together from Los Angeles.


Brand Collaborations


"I think that when you're contained like that as an Asian-American and you find something like hip-hop, it changes your life."


"[I] literally only have one life to live and that I started dancing because it took me away from my problems growing up."


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