Original Work

Being a performer is only one part of being an artist. I've been been able to create captivating choreography for various platforms. Working on my own projects has given me an avenue to express myself and has led me to collaborate with big brands such as YouTube, League of Legends, STEEZY.

Original Work



Always creating

I'm incredibly blessed for this platform and it's love for dance.  YouTube has provided creators, like myself, a platform to share their art & passion with the world and I'm so privileged to share it.


My mission is to help make the dance-form light up in every household behind the screen.

Let's create together!


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Steezy Studio

Spreading dance awareness online!

STEEZY is a startup company based in Downtown Los Angeles. Alongside Steezy, I'm able to create concept videos and teach online courses to to make dance accessible to anyone, anywhere.