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Original Work

Ellen Kim has been been able to create captivating choreography for various platforms. Working on her own projects has given her an avenue to express herself and has led her to collaborate with big brands such as YouTube, League of Legends, STEEZY.

Featured Work 

K/DA x League of Legends

Being the lead choreographer for League of Legend’s biggest global girl-group debut was a dream come true. This experience encapsulates my dance experience and tested my abilities to produce something incredible from the ground-up.


Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 5.00.37 PM.png

Dance Video

Pop Sugar x K-Fit Sugar

Seeing my choreography brought to life thanks to the combined efforts of Bailey Sok, Stevie Doré and Eileen Harman was sublime. 

As the song rose in popularity, I thought it'd be a fantastic opportunity to take it to K-Fit Sugar and teach the choreography to K/DA fans around the world!



Pop/Stars rose to great popularity on the charts and opened up new opportunities for partnership - like BeatSaber! 

Let's create together!



♾️ Always creating ♾️

I'm incredibly blessed for this platform and it's love for dance.  YouTube has provided creators, like myself, a platform to share their art & passion with the world and I'm so privileged to share it.


My mission is to help make the dance-form light up in every household behind the screen.

My YouTube Channel

Over 13+ Million Views

I'm looking to create in every moment and I've done so successfully by blending K-Pop and popular music into my dance repertoire

Over 10+ Years of Content

In addition to dance, I'm dedicated to honing my craft. Being able to outline my process behind major projects like K/DA Popstars or having workshops available on my channel makes my content more accessible. 

Concept Videos

I've been to collaborate with friends and new talent across the globe to create incredible concept videos from the bottom-up. 

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Steezy Studio

Spreading dance awareness online!

STEEZY is a startup company based in Downtown Los Angeles. Alongside Steezy, I'm able to create concept videos and teach online courses to to make dance accessible to anyone, anywhere. 

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