Finding Purpose in My Career | Vlog #6

How Did I Find Purpose in My Career?

Today, I want to write about purpose. Finding my purpose has been the backbone to my life, my creativity, and my career choices. I believe that all my experiences help drive purpose to speak, dance, write and/or live daily. Nothing is more satisfying than truthfully creating from a place of honesty and compassion than through your own and different lenses.

Since 2008, I have nurtured my creativity on YouTube and expanded my understanding of purpose in my travels around the world to teach and meet other dancers. I've been given the opportunity to learn about other cultures & lifestyles thanks to my experiences from traveling, dancing (and eating!) I vividly remember eating with my hands, trying Ethiopian food for the first time in Germany. Even now, I'm taken back to sitting at a beach in Indonesia eating fresh fish. That meal was so delicious… I can almost taste it as I’m writing haha! (that delicious fresh fish also gave me terrible food poisoning!)

I will NEVER forget running back and forth from the studio to the bathroom while choreographing for Agnes Monica's Paralyzed music video. The embarrassment...

Experiences Abroad

UDC, one of the most frightening dance camp I use to teach at. I would pray in the backroom for confidence to do a solo at the end of class.

Ending my three months Europe teaching tour in Turkey with my friends in 2014. This is when I was pregnant but too nervous to tell anyone!

Serving kids in the Philippines during Christmas and New Years! At this exact moment, we drove to a village to cook, play, worship and teach the kids. I, of course, taught them how to dance :)

As I walk back on these experiences, I formed more purpose into my work. I understood and took in a new belief that opportunities shouldn’t just drive from the dollar signs. It should also drive and serve with a purpose for a purpose!


My experiences have helped me drive value to my work. I hope my work can reach audiences and newer dancers to help find their own value and purpose. Here are works that really resonate me:

You’ll Find A Way

We live our lives everyday protected by our shield. Whether it's make-up, clothes, our personality, whatever. Within us there's always something that is kept hidden to the outside world. This concept is based on my perception about hidden secrets. I know this is very different from what you've seen me do, but as an artist, I had to get this out. I hope you enjoy it! Don't ever forget, create and have no boundaries. Your mind is the most sacred thing in this world. Strive to be different, imperfect... YOU.

Audition Reality

There was a specific audition in Los Angeles that in the middle of my lines, the casting director requested for me to restart with a Chinese accent which had nothing to deal with the character breakdown given. The frustrating part of this was that this happened frequently so I came up with this haha.

Embracing Motherhood

I started dancing and teaching the same month I gave birth. It was a challenge that helped me understand that your health and positive mindsets are key elements to creating a balance and joyful life. My daughter became my career, fitness and life goals. I included her in everything as well as in living in her world. This video was to embrace the blending of my new chapter with her.

Let's Connect!

What drives YOU? Are there experiences you want to speak about? How do you want to express that? What are your core values?

I want to help YOU figure you out so you can create from a place of honesty without boundaries. I believe everyone is a character in this story we call life. Everyone is so unique and has something so specific to help someone else. Live it. Define it. Let me help you create it.

If you’ve ever had questions like above and or are curious to learn more, I offer one-on-one mentorship and group mentorship. With a simple click, you can reserve your FREE 15 minute consultation and we can discuss how to create your career path as a:

  1. Professional Dancer

  2. Choreographer

  3. Creative Director

  4. Movement Coach

Also, if you are an artist, brand or company, let’s connect! Please visit my ‘Bookings’ page and I will see you soon!


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