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Empowering the Next Generation Through Dance: A Summer School Journey 🌷

🎉 Summer school is an exciting time for kids to learn and explore new interests in a fun and relaxed environment. As a choreographer and teacher, I created a summer school program that incorporated a dynamic curriculum including improv and emotional context.

Through the curriculum, the students were able to explore their emotions and memories in a safe and supportive way, and to communicate their feelings through both dance and words. They learned how to take a breather and manage their emotions, which helped them to develop emotional intelligence and a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

As a parent and choreographer, I understand the importance of collaboration and creativity in dance. That's why I encouraged my daughter to explore her creativity and to participate in the program with me. We had many conversations about her feelings and insecurities, which helped us to develop a deeper understanding of each other and to work towards a common goal.

Together, we agreed to focus on having fun and playing together, without any pressure or expectations. We learned how to communicate openly and honestly about our feelings, and to work together towards a common goal. As a result, we were able to create something beautiful and meaningful together, and to develop a deeper bond through our shared experience. [Sidenote: She ended up helping me choreograph for a huge kid's project right after, WHAAAAAT 😭]

The students in the summer school program also experienced the power of the curriculum. They learned how to communicate their feelings through dance and words, how to take a breather, and how to memorize faster. They also learned how to choreograph together as a team, which was a powerful experience for them. They discovered that they were capable of creating beautiful and meaningful dances, and that their voices and movements could have a profound impact on themselves and others 🔥

Through this experience, both my daughter and I and the students learned that we were powerful in our own right, and that our creativity and collaboration could lead to amazing things. As a choreographer and a teacher, it was inspiring to see the students grow and develop over the course of the program, and to witness the positive impact that the curriculum had on their lives. Honestly, I learned A LOT from them. They reminded me on how to enjoy the present moment and creativity without any boundaries. So grateful 🙏🏼

As a choreographer and a parent, my goal is to empower and serve the youth through creative and dynamic curriculums that allow them to express themselves in a meaningful way. Whether it's through dance, improv, or any other creative activity, there's so much joy and possibility waiting to be discovered!

Let's keep exploring, learning, and growing together! ❤️‍🔥


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