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Ellen’s WFH Must-Haves in 2020


My Favorite WFH Products Build to Last

Quarantine has really given me the opportunity to invest in better products. Lately I’ve been twice as mindful about what I own and plenty happy about using what I have now. Practicing mindfulness in what I invest in and lessening waste and plastic consumption are things I want to center moving forward.

I wanted to share products that focus on those things previously mentioned and my experiences using them! (Preface: I’m raving about all of them!)

  • SPANLA Ice Roller - a roller that comes with two ice-rollers to help reduce puffiness and help flush toxins out by helping circulation via lymphatic blockage.

  • Sunseeke Silicone Straws - 12 reusable and washable BPA-free straws that are only $8!

  • SOJO Metal Frames - stylish glasses that help reduce blue-light from computer usage and minimize optical migraines.

  • Nalgene Water Bottle - inexpensive, environmentally-friendly water bottles that can fill up to 22mL of water.


Rollers have been under the spotlight for a while and the hype is real. After using SPANLA’s ice roller for 3 years, I’ve noticed vast improvements to my face shape. There are tons of benefits associated with a roller:

  • Improve circulation

  • Stimulates collagen production

  • Revitalize flow of lymph

  • Reduce puffiness and inflammation - causes of aging

  • Smooth fine lines

  • Diminish eye circles

The SPANLA roller is incredible. I’ve been using this consistently for 3 years and I’ve noticed my jawline has gotten sharper and my face has become much fuller. I’ve used this every morning to ease the puffiness along my eyes and face - the cooling effect is so soothing!

Product Overview

  • Exceptional price - only $15.99

  • Perfect package - 2 ice rollers + roller base - competitors usually only sell 1 ice roller!

  • Benefits - Massage onto face to prevent wrinkles and reduce fatigue

  • Pain relief - Can relief pain, sore muscles, and injuries

The Sunseeke silicon straw is an everyday essential for me! They’re BPA-free, super cute, and reusable.

I use them for everything - smoothies, coffee, even my water bottle (I leave it in there for easy use.) The added pouch allows me to carry these everywhere! I’ve got a jar full of these straws and they add a cute pop to my kitchen; Kaya especially loves the pink color. They’re also super safe to use and the straw doesn’t dissolve after long-periods of use.

Product Overview

  • Only $7.99 for 12 washable, BPA-free straws!

  • Comes with so many things - 12 reusable straws, 4 carrying bags, 2 cleaning brushes

  • Super portable and stylish - ranging over 6 colors and 8.5 inches in length

With most work transitioning completely online, I’ve faced so much difficulty making the proper adjustments. My work as a dancer and creative director involves seeing people face-to-face but now I’m on the computer everyday. I experienced optical migraines so often during April and May but my pair of glasses from SOJOs helped reduce this discomfort and I’ve been experiencing migraines less often. These aren’t permanent solutions by any means; you’ll need to find a tinted pair - usually with bright yellow, red, or green lenses.

But the SOJO glasses are the cutest glasses I’ve ever owned. I had to get Kaya a pair because she loved my frames so much.

The frames are thin and delicate looking and match my face shape so well! If you’re looking for something super fashionable and blocks against blue light, I highly recommend these glasses!

Product Overview

  • Blocks most lights - UV light, blue light

  • Complete with everything - Includes box, cleaning cloth, and microfiber pouch

  • Help reduce optical migraines

I’m sure you’ve heard it before but don’t forget to hydrate! My water bottles in the past had faulty lids or just didn’t hold enough water for me. Nalgene goes above and beyond and has helped me stay hydrated throughout the day.

I’ve had so many water bottles throughout the years but this one just hits all the boxes. It’s durable, environmentally friendly, and BPA-free. It carries up to 32oz (1000mL) of water and helps keep me hydrated all day when I’m at shoots or at home.

Product Overview

  • Saves money - Running at only $10 this water bottle runs as cheap as two gatorade bottles and can carry up to 32oz of water

  • Super durable - the opening is wide-mouth which makes water filling super quick.

  • Environmentally friendly - no more individually packaged water bottles and the cap is always attached to the water bottle

What are some products that have provided you value? I’d love to hear about them and try them out! Leave a comment below (or reach out to me privately!)


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Esther Kim
Esther Kim
22 sept. 2020

Thank you for the recs I love them! I just bought the glasses in the black and gold frame!!!

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