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My Creative Direction with Get Lost | Vlog #1



Have you ever wondered how a music video is created? What really goes on behind-the scenes? The steps to create a successful shoot? How to take your ideas and form it into reality? Do you feel like your idea should be seen by everyone?

I do! Ever since I was a little girl, I always pretended I was in my own movie. Especially when I used to take the bus to school; I would imagine scenarios as I stared off into space. Most of it the imaginations were characters I’ve created that I wish I had the courage to be or how I would fall in love. Which makes sense since I watched Madonna’s live shows (in her cone-bra days) and “The Little Mermaid” on repeat.

Blending Elements of Dance and Acting

Fast forward to when I moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago. I danced for artists like Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Pharrell; I choreographed for Madison Beer, Riot Games and Facebook Oculus; and trained incredible artists from YG Entertainment artists to Tiffany Young. Being able to perform, dance and work with an array of artists was incredibly rewarding and a provided me an opportunity to learn and experience new methods for my artistry. When I wasn't teaching or dancing, I pushed myself further into my career by taking acting lessons and workshops. In the process, I was able to learn and practice Meisner techniques and even performed at an improv show at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Eventually, I found that acting classes worked in conjunction with dancing. It allowed me to think of dance as scenes. Camera blocking, different character perspectives due to camera angles, what and how can make a scene look dramatic vs fun and wild, how to create an environment for your actors to be vulnerable and honest… that’s just the BEGINNING. To this day, I’m still learning with every project because learning is ENDLESS, and I believe that is the beauty of art.

Working On Get Lost

This is where my career as a creative director began with a process, method, and action. I started young with my imagination, and now as an adult, I've been able to translate it into actual content. With Vincent Fable's Get Lost, I took away valuable experiences that can prove extremely useful for my future!

Ellen Kim, Aye Hasegawa, Shaun Evaristo and crew on set
Behind-the-scenes with the crew

If you are working with a specific talent(s), give them the ability and safe environment to be themselves in front and behind the camera. What do I mean exactly? If your talent(s) has a specific talent/s, guide them with an intention and story for the shot and ALLOW them to explore their own actions and reactions. From there, you can get multiple shots with different outcomes which makes the editing process fun and challenging.

Ellen Kim directing Shaun Evaristo and Aye Hasegawa
Directing on set with the crew

In this particular shoot, utilizing this method was different from my other shoots where I needed to be extremely specific with the shots for in order for it to flow into the next scene and create continuity between the shot list and the treatment. The 'Get Lost' music video has to be the most organic project I’ve produced and directed thus far.

Take a look at the final product - the 'Get Lost’ music video by Vincent Fable!

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Also, if you are an artist, brand or company, let’s connect! Please visit my ‘Bookings’ page and I will see you soon!


Thank you to my crew!


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