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Choreographing for Steezy STUDIO | Vlog #2



Are you curious about what it's like behind-the-scenes when working with Steezy Studio? What my process is like when I develop a piece?

I've taught around the globe for 16+ years one thing holds true: I still have a hard time selecting a song to choreograph.

Growing up, I was drawn to music from all types of artists - from Tina Turner, H.O.T, Jimi Hendrix, to Britney Spears... the list goes on! My appreciation and love for music has made it a joy to work with musicians that experiment with a variety of genres. I am extremely humbled and honored by my experiences to dance in the world of K-Pop, R&B, and Pop alongside musicians like Tiffany Young, Ookay, DUMBFOUNDED, and many more.

For myself, I'm drawn to how musicians are able to express themselves with their own unique flairs. Being able to show the emotion behind my movements under the direction of a musician is always fulfilling! However, when it comes to choreographing, choosing a song is the biggest challenge because it's easy to be overwhelmed!

My Secret to Choreographing

So what do I do? Well, here’s my secret… I listen to my playlists that have songs spanning the past 18 years of my life. My music INSTANTLY fills me with emotion. For example, when Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass' came on, all the fun memories came flooding in and I knew that was the one.

As I was freestyling, I was instantly transported back to moments in my life that I experienced with that song. As I immersed myself into the song, I easily set the intentions behind my ideas, moves, and musicality when creating this song's choreography. I found that the production of the song exuded a quirkiness, flirtatiousness, and confidence and love which I was able to organically express. When you watch (or learn!) my choreography to Nicki Minaj's ‘Super Bass' I hope see and feel the intensity of all those emotions I listed!

What Is It Like Working with Steezy?

Working with the Steezy team is wonderful! Their crew is super organized and they're incredible humans. Even though my shoots with Steezy range from 5-7 hours, we banter about more ideas behind content, choreography, and dance foundations. Usually I find myself asking Clay Boonthanakit, ‘May I learn tutting from you?’ They're good people with good hearts that are dedicated to their craft.

You would think being in a room by yourself full of cameras would alleviate some of the pressure with teaching… that's definitely NOT the case for me! Being a teacher can be hard because I am a perfectionist. I want every single shot to count to create the easiest learning experience for people learning the piece. I hope the pressure I put on myself gives you a big smile when you watch and or learn my choreography to 'Super Bass'!

General Tips for Learning 'Super Bass'

If you are interested in learning my piece, I would love to throw out some techniques to focus on as you that I have created to ease pressure:

  1. Write down your counts. Yes, write it down. Get to know the piece inside and out.

  2. Practice shooting with your phone. Record. Watch. Take notes and change if needed.

  3. Breathe. If your energy is taking over your ability to remember your counts, BREATHE. Take a deep breath, in and out of your mouth, gather your thoughts then proceed.

The best thing about filming a tutorial is that you are not learning live, so you have the ability to edit. Also, live in those moments when you take a breath and/or break. I bet you can get some amazing bloopers!

Let's Connect!

If you’ve ever had questions like above and or are curious to learn more, I offer one-on-one mentorship and group mentorship. With a simple click, you can reserve your FREE 15 minute consultation and we can discuss how to create your career path as a:

  1. Professional Dancer

  2. Choreographer

  3. Creative Director

  4. Movement Coach

Also, if you are an artist, brand or company, let’s connect! Please visit my ‘Bookings’ page and I will see you soon!

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Esther Kim
Esther Kim
27 de jul. de 2020

Love this! Thank you for sharing! :)

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