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Becoming the Movement Coach for Tiffany Young | Vlog #5


What is a Movement Coach?

Movement Coach… First of all, what is that? What does a movement coach do? Why would someone need one? Do YOU need one?

Throughout the years, I have been extremely blessed to be able to work with people of all ages to be able to achieve their dance passion. Whether they wanted to experience a new hobby or explore more in their artistry, my classes and/or one on one privates would always lead to in depth conversations. I truly believe dancing is not only physical but mental. It starts with the ability to be able to express freely. Easier written than done. Roadblocks like... How comfortable are you? How much do you know yourself? Do you know how valuable you are? Do you know YOUR creativity is one of a kind? Do you even believe that? All of these questions can restrict your movements and the ability to move forward in dancing whether it’s a hobby or not.

How do I know? Well, I’m a dancer myself and had to face my insecurities to bring joy and love to my passion and career in dance. Here is a quick breakdown of an artist I was blessed to work with.

Becoming the Movement Coach for Tiffany Young

Tiffany Young is the original member of Girls' Generation (소녀시대) that debuted in 2000. Not only was Girls' Generation a huge hit in Korea but around the globe. In 2018, Tiffany Young debuted her first single that would introduce her as a solo artist in America! With so much excitement to embark in this new journey, I could only imagine the fear from crossing over from K-Pop to America. That’s where I came in. I only had three days to get her prepared for her music video, ‘Over My Skin’. In a short amount of time, I had to get her mentally and physically prepared for her breakout music video (in THREE DAYS!) As her movement coach, I needed to transition her movements (moving away from her previous work) and to find more freedom and confidence in her performance as a solo artist.

Working with Tiffany Young as a Movement Coach

We worked together for hours upon hours and I taught her new stretches, movements, techniques, and most importantly, I shaped her mindset to get more comfortable in her own skin. This takes a lot of trust with yourself and the people around you to get you through the process of not only the shooting music video but shedding your old skin to grow into another. I used several methods that I have created with the experience and knowledge of over 16+ years of teaching and choreographing combined with over 4+ years of acting technique classes. It truly takes your mind, body and soul to create without boundaries. Tiffany Young is truly incredible inside and out.

I can tell she really wanted to make her debut special for her and her fans because of her work ethics. She was able to be vulnerable with me quickly and focused on every single detail of her movements. She took pride in learning and adjusting; dancing in heels; and singing full-blast. It was such a wonderful experience that led to wonderful performances for her campaign (plus and a new friendship!)

Movement Coaching Other Artists

Let's Connect!

What are your fears in dance? Are you ready to explore them? Are you ready to break out of your shell? Are you ready to know how AMAZING you are? I am!

If you’ve ever had questions like above and or are curious to learn more, I offer one-on-one mentorship and group mentorship. With a simple click, you can reserve your FREE 15 minute consultation and we can discuss how to create your career path as a:

  1. Professional Dancer

  2. Choreographer

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  4. Movement Coach

Also, if you are an artist, brand or company, let’s connect! Please visit my ‘Bookings’ page and I will see you soon!


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