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Motherhood Under COVID-19 and the Science Project | Vlog #4


Dear Parents

To all my parents out there: you got this (and I got you!) Experiencing motherhood - or parenthood - under COVID-19 is not easy!

During the stay-at-home order whilst (yes whilst) working has been an emotional and mental roller coaster, and to this day, it still is! For the past couple months, I have tried several different tactics and schedules to fit the needs of my daughter’s education and well-being including my work and, let’s be real, sanity.

Looking back to the beginning of this new normal to today, I have realized that it has been a huge learning experience with an outcome of a stronger bond and connection with my kid. What did I learn?

1. Breathe (with my kid)

Take a break, breathe and communicate!

2. Time Management

To schedule every single thing (including making coffee) then visually see where to rearrange, cancel and fit my work with her school schedule.

3. SMILE 😁🙂😊😀😋😆

Recently, I noticed my daughter knew the answers to the work book we were using, but would not follow through. This is how #1 comes into play. We took a couple breaths and I asked her questions. She communicated how she felt nervous because she thought she would let me down by providing the wrong answer. I told her that there is no pressure in getting the answers wrong; admittedly, I believe it’s better to get it wrong so you can learn the right. Since she felt nervous, I tried to lighten up the mood by being more enthusiastic as I spoke and kept a smile whether it was forced or not. At that very moment, she was able to answer everything FAST! I was so proud of her, and most all, very thankful to learn more about her.

4. Role Play

My daughter communicated with me that it would be easier if there was an actual teacher teaching her because, ‘Mommy is my mommy.’ No offense taken lol. She agreed that she would listen to me if I became ‘Teacher Ms. Ellen Kimchee.’ Since then, I have changed my outfits with a sticker, “Ms. Ellen Kimchee” and the home drastically changed. She was able to separate the environment in our home and actively listen and learn.

Do You Have Recommendations for a Fun Project?

Find an affordable and fun experiment - like a Science experiment! Personally, I would separate my days with my daughter with math, phonics, and science mixed in with walks and arts and crafts. I wanted to stay within a budget so I wanted to get creative!

During one of our science classes, I figured it'd be fun to make a volcano! It was a great idea and we had great bonding time and the whole kit took about 2 days to deliver. We didn’t wait for the paint to dry so we did it in 2-3hrs! I highly recommend this science product from National Geographic Volcano Science Kit. The volcano erupts! I like convenience so I really appreciate the kit including everything you need instead of buying multiple products.

Amazon costs $14.99 plus tax while Target costs $9.99 plus tax. Amazon costs about $5 more since it’s more convenient plus Target runs out of product quite fast these days. I highly suggest getting a pair of googles and a mask! Have fun! Click the link below for more details!

*This is not a sponsored! The link above is an affiliate link, which means I may earn a little something something for sharing my recommendation! This is to help support my website so I can continue to create blogs for you!

Let's Connect!

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